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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shots from Home

Life is Good!
"Casita Mia" our cabin near Quartzsite, Arizona. I'm heading out there today for a few weeks. Faithful companion, Echo, my hiking buddy.

Tiger Lily, my cat, who lives with my sister Susan in Grass Valley. That's Susan with TL.

Final(?) installment of Thai trip

It was a long trip from Krabi to Bangkok...
Chiang Mai dog ponders life.
Catalina shopping for souvenirs from the hill tribe people

Elephant riding can be fun! and wet! I went with Kate, a photographer from Vancouver, BC

On the streets of Pai

Sunday Night Market (alot like Hot August Nights in Nevada City)
We came across this large group protesting a Thai-US FreeTrade Agreement which was being negotiated in Chiang Mai. (which of course we hadn't heard of)
Scenes from a Thai cooking class I took, at an organic farm outside of Chiang (cockroaches, anyone?), the garden, cooking, enjoying. Come to my house for an authenic Thai dinner!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Life in Ko Lanta cont.

Just can't get enough of those manta rays.

The place with the palm trees is Nautilus Bungalows-our home on Ko Lanta.

This blog thing is a bit frustrating cause the pictures & captions, when published, don't line up where I put them originally. So if it you're confused, don't feel alone. Just take your best guess. Thailand's like that too, a little strange.

Jarrawee-proprietor of the Nautilus Bar

A child of the Sea Gypsies.
Catalina enjoying a massage fromTata.

The puppies, following "Mrs Wan".

Reggae House, local bar
Sea Gyypsy boat, loaded with traps

Pics from Ko Lanta

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thai photo recap, week 2

Khai Island: sugar white sand, great snorkeling.

Waiting for the rest of the tourists to arrive (and they did) . Sisters on the beach at Bang Thao.

Yoga by the pool. Gary with the "ladies" (not).
Kids at the day care center we visited. The kids come from very unfortunate circumstances & are being provided the opportunity for a better life by the non-profit group "Child-Watch". You can go to their website,

Here Niki is passing out treats.

Obviously, I haven't figured out how to rotate the images, but I had to include this picture of Gary with the beautiful little girl he "adopted". He'll be paying for her schooling. It was very uplifting to experience the exuberence of these kids. Thanks, Julia for arranging our visit there!

Parting shot (remember we were doing yoga, not dancing)...

First week, Ao Nang

View from getting a massage...

Amazing beaches abound. Above is a spirit house on Phi-Phi Island. Spirit houses are everywhere in Thailand, every house has one & everyday incense & offerings are put on it.

A "long-tail" boat, they use old car motors. Tai chi on the beach where the movie "The Beach" was made (Maya Bay).
This is a shrine to the king, at our hotel. The king is much loved & there are pictures of him everywhere. Motorbikes are also everywhere & are converted into all manner of useful contraptions. This one is a food vendor's mobile stall.

Above is our group on the yoga retreat...Catalina, Gary, Ken, Niki and Julia (our intrepid leader). To the left Julia & Niki getting ready to go snorkeling. That day we took a boat out to 4 different islands. There are hundreds of islands offshore in this area, amazing landforms of all kinds of strange shapes & sizes.