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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stuck in Ko Lanta :-)

AHHH..... relax, life is good

Back at the internet on the beach (hour walk from "home") but no one to help me with the photos, so more words....

Finally went on some fabulous diving trips. Highlight was on last dive... on seamonts way out in the ocean: huge Manta Rays that cruised around and over us divers for our whole dive, over an hour, so mezmerizing. It felt like they were the Motherships, coming to take us home???...i took alot of amazing pictures...xx

Two days ago, Catalina, Irene & I went "Jungle Trekking". We really didn't have a clue what we were getting into...ended up going on a 5 hour hike, UP the watershed of a small stream, climbing, climbing up slippery rocks, through the jungle to the top of a mountain. Lunch of fried rice & pineapple. Then slip, sliding down down down the other side, all the way to the other side of the island! We had two guides with us, one was the translator, he hadn't been on the trek before so couldn't tell us before what it was going to be like. The other man "knew everything" about the jungle, to him it was all easy, he walked like a cat on the trails, interesting to be in his energy. In the end, it was an adventure that while we were challenged doing it, we were happy that we'd done it...grateful we all survived without (major) injuries.

We were planning to leave Ko Lanta today but realized that since New Years seems to be Thailand's biggest holiday, traveling & finding accomodations could be a problem, decided to stay until Monday, after New Years...more beer, more Rumikubes. The plan was to go to No. Thailand so Catalina could take a Thai massage course but...we'll see, our departure from Thailand is Jan 13...coming right up.

Cultural tidbits: Thai people are very friendly, kind & smiley. They love their pets, both cats & dogs, take very good care of them. There are 5 roly-poly puppies at the place we're staying, too cute. The food is pretty good but I really like the Indian food some places serve.

Speaking of food, I think it's time for lunch...


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